The general idea is to help admins assign umpiring duties to the teams. Each team creates an umpiring account. The team is then responsible for logging in to the umpire dashboard and updating the information with the actual person and the correct contact number.

This ensures easy high level scheduling with the team while ensuring players on the ground have the right information to contact the actual umpire.

Adding Umpire -- Send Registration Email

Existing Umpire -- Send Registration Email

User clicks and registers with their account:

User registers (can use existing account as well)

After the user access, he will see a Umpire Dashboard under his login

The League admin schedules the matches as required. They select/assign umpires. Once the umpire has been assigned, they can login and go to the umpire dashboard to check and adjust.

They can go to the Update and change the information as needed:

After this change, the umpire on the schedule and the assignment doesn't change:

But, when the teams view from Scoring, they can see the actual umpire and his contact information.