So you want to broadcast live stream of your match. Awesome! CrikIT is piloting this feature for all our leagues to try out.

Before we go over all the steps, let us understand what is it that we are going to setup.

As we list in the title, we will be doing:

  1. Create a live stream for a match with score details overlaid on the camera capture
  2. Broadcast the screen which has the live stream displayed

You will need the following to get this working:

  • Admin access for the league site (admin account).
  • A mobile phone with sufficient data to support live broadcast (Unlimited data plan helps).
  • Sufficient charge on your phone (optionally, you can use the portable chargers to keep your mobile charged).
  • A tripod to put your mobile phone on while broadcasting.

Let us begin.

  • Creating a live stream for a match
    • Visit the "Live" (https://<leagueurl>/live) page of your league's website from the mobile browser (Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android).
    • Note: Mobile app is not a supported platform as of yet.
    • Once on the "Live" page, click the match you would like to broadcast.
    • Once on the live scorecard page, simply click the "Create Video Stream" link from the "Summary" tab.
    • Note: Only league/Club admins will be able to see this link.
    • Clicking on that link will automatically take you to a page which has the stream with the current score overlaid
    • Note: Do not refresh this page once the stream has loaded. If you do, the stream will be lost and you will have to go back to the "live" page and click the match again
  • Broadcast the screen
    • We will utilize a free app, Streamlabs, for this.
    • Streamlabs allows you to broadcast your screen to any of the popular live stream platforms (Twitch, YouTube etc.)
    • Follow the instructions listed here, and you are good to go.
    • Remember to go back to the live stream page  and go fullscreen.
    • Note: It is your screen that is being broadcasted, so it helps to put phone in do-not-disturb mode.
    • Note: Once the broadcast has started, reduce your phone's brightness to almost zero. This helps with extending mobile charge.
    • Note: You will have to create and configure your stream platform account (Twitch, YouTube, etc.) separately. We recommend Twitch.

Do note that this is a pilot feature and so we appreciate your feedback, insights, as well as suggestions.

Just send us an email with all the details to