1.FAQ: I am logged in to my app. But, why can't I see my game?

A: When a member was added to the club, you would have received an email from CrikIT platform to register. You MUST use that link to claim your member profile. Once that is done, you are officially associated with the club, you see club matches and also score during matches on the mobile app. Otherwise, just directly going to league website and creating a login will not work. If you have completed this step and still have issues, you must contact CrikIT via https://bugs.crikit.io and submit a ticket to get your profile issues resolved.

2. FAQ: Can I undo a mistake on my app?

A: Yes. You CAN undo a ball and re-do. Just use the Undo button at the bottom of the screen. The only thing you can NOT undo is the Toss. If you accidentally selected the incorrect toss result, use the "Reset" option in the main scoring landing page to start from scratch. Hopefully, this won't be needed.

3. FAQ: Can multiple people score at the same time?

A: Absolutely and it is strongly recommended that multiple members score a game in parallel. Each game is logged separately under the login and will not affect each other's scoring. When using some of the test games provided for practicing, multiple members can score the test game and try it out in parallel.

4. FAQ: Can I add a player to the App on day of the game?

A:  Contact your league admin on what are the rules of the tournament or league. If you are allowed to add a player during the tournament setup by the league admin then you can add new players on the day of the game. 

5. FAQ: Can I add a 12th man (Substitute) to the app?

A: NO. There are no options for substitutes. If a substitute takes the catch, please mark it against the original player who was substituted.

6. FAQ: How do I score a wicket off an "Extra" ball - say a HNB, NB, or a WB?

A: Wickets take precedence over Extra ball. So, to score a wicket off an Extra ball, you MUST score it as a "Wicket". And in the wicket, you have the option of selecting the type of "Extra" where you can then handle the extras. Remember, only certain types of wickets are allowed off of a NB/HNB. So, depending upon the wicket type, the relevant extras options will be provided.

7. FAQ: How can I score byes off of an extra ball - say a HNB?

A: Score the Extra as a HNB(+0), select additional runs (say, 2 runs), then select the "Byes" radio button. 

8: FAQ: How can I score runs off the bat on an extra ball - say HNB?

A: Score the Extra as a HNB(+0), select additional runs (say, 2 runs), but do NOT select the "Byes" radio button. This will automatically credit the batsman with that runs.

9. When switching innings, I do not want to give my phone to the other team for scoring. How can they pick up from where I left off at the end of 1st innings?

A: Whenever you want a new scorer to pick-up from where you left off, the new scorer can logon to the app and select "Copy from xxxx@yyyy.com" option. This will copy the scorecard from the last state the scorer xxxx@yyyy.com left and the new scorer can then continue.

10. FAQ: Who should score the match? Someone sitting on the sideline? Or can the umpires score?

A: It is strongly recommended that 2 people score in parallel. It could be both from the batting team or one from the batting team and one from the fielding team if they brought an extra member. In any case, I have experienced that it is very easy for the umpire to score while umpiring. Either the Straight or the Leg Umpire can score. It is easy to get the fielder names, keep track of balls, answer any ball-by-ball progress without having to refer to the sidelines each time it comes up. In any case for the first 2 weeks, we also want a paper scorecard to be maintained in parallel. You can throw away the paper scorecard once the game as been successfully scored on the app.

11. FAQ: Can I get a test game to score?

A:  Yes, talk to your league admin to schedule a practice tournament and games so that you can test scoring during those games before the official league or tournament starts.

12. FAQ: In case of a tied game, can I score a Super Over using the App?

A: No. This is not a feature at the moment. Super overs have to be scored manually on a paper pencil at the moment and reported back to league admin. 

13: FAQ: I want to make sure I can access the game select all my players. Can I start the game ahead of time?
A: Yes! All games scheduled within a 5 day window will be visible in your app if you are correctly associated with your club and your membership correctly activated. You can access your game from the "Score" menu in your app at any time in that 5 day window. The first window that you will be presented is the Player Selection window where you can see the players available to select for your team. If you can go this far, you are all set! You do NOT have to actually start the game.

If you happen to start the game, i.e., by selecting your team and then selecting a random set of players from your opposition team and enter the toss result, then you MUST reset the game the next time you access the app to start scoring from scratch. At the moment, a TOSS cannot be UNDONE! This is a limitation of the app. But, you can always reset and start fresh.

14: FAQ: Does league Admin automatically get notifications when you update your team and submit for approval?
A: Yes, for detailed process have a look at this

15: FAQ: I see my game on the Schedule page. But, why don't I see the game on the "LIVE" page?
A: A complete list of games that have been scheduled in the system is visible via the Schedule page. But, only games that are being scored are visible in the LIVE page. So, if a scorer has NOT started to score your game, you will NOT see it in the LIVE page. The minute someone starts to score your game, this will appear on the LIVE page. And you'll see multiple scorers for each game if there are multiple scorers scoring your game.

16: FAQ: How do I score a hurt retired batsman?
A: The only way to score a hurt retired batsman is to use the option under Wicket -> Hurt/Timed out. This batsman is marked as a wicket. The app will NOT allow the batsman to come back. This is a limitation of the app and will be prioritized and added as soon as possible.

17: FAQ: Is it possible to score a run as "one short" in the CrikIT Scoring App? If so, how do I do it?
A: Yes, it is possible to score a run as "one short". You can score as many "short" runs as needed. To mark a run as "one short", simply score 1 less run for the ball and then use the the "More" option to  "Swap striker/runner". This will score a 1 short.

You will only have to swap the striker/runner if you are short by odd number of runs. For even number of runs that are short, you can just score that many fewer runs for the ball and continue.

18: FAQ: Can I mark a batsman "Retired Hurt"? If I do so, can the player come back and bat later on?
A: Yes, it is possible to mark a batsman as retired hurt. To mark a batsman "Retired Hurt/Timed Out", go to Wickets and select Retired/Timed Out. This will allow you to select the next batsman to continue. But, at the fall of any following wicket, the hurt retired batsman will be able to bat again. This was a bug in previous version of the tool and it has been fixed now.