If you have successfully used the app to score the game, you would have had an option to "Submit" your scorecard from your app at the end of the game. Once this is done, follow the steps below to submit your scorecard for approval. Usually it is the responsibility of the "Home" team create a final scorecard. And the "Visiting" team to confirm the scorecard before it can be approved.

  1. Logon to your league website using your admin login.
  2. Use the "Submit Scorecard" option in your Admin menu to access the game scorecards.
        You'll be able to "Edit Scorecard" for the game you wish to submit.
  3. When you "Edit Scorcard", you'll be taken to a window with several "TABS". The first tab will always be "Final Scorecard", which at the moment will be empty. You will also see a tab for each scorer who has scored your game. 
  4. Peruse the scorecards to determine which is the most accurate version of the scorecard.
  5. In the "Final Scorecard" tab, you'll see an option called "Copy data from scorer". Here, you can select the scorecard that you want to copy the data from. And click the "Copy" button. This will transfer the scorer's scorecard to the "Final Scorecard".
  6. You can now use the "Edit" icon to edit and make any final corrections necessary.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the scorecard, add a note stating "Scorecard created and saved by <HomeTeamName>. Requesting <VisitingTeamName> to approve".
  8. Save the scorecard (do not submit yet).
  9. Inform via email the visiting team captain to verify the scorecard.
  10. The visiting team captain should now peruse the "Final Scorecard" and add his comment stating "Scorecard approved by <VisitingTeamName>. At this point the scorecard is ready for submission.
  11. Either the home team or the visiting team captain must now submit the scorecard for approval.
  12. If you were NOT successful using the app for the game, and you have maintained a paper score card. You can submit it using the process below.
  13. Steps 1 through 3 are exactly identical.
  14. Instead of copying data from a scorer who has used the app, you will have to manually create the scorecard.
  15. You will see a "Pen on Paper" icon to edit details of a score card. You will now have to manually enter the player details and the scoring artifacts manually.
  16. Once this is done, you will continue to follow steps 7 through 10 as above.
  17.  Use the app! Save a ton of time, effort, and frustration.