Purpose: This document is intended for club admins to understand the process of how clubs become part of league and then how members and teams are added to clubs. You will notice league admin aspects are also listed in the document as those are part of the overall workflow.


Clubs can be added to CrikIT platform by league admin or clubs can apply for registration from http://wesbitename/clubRegistration link. For the first time setup of the clubs, League admin will invite all the club admin to register the clubs.

Here is how the detailed process will look like.

Step 1.  League admin adds clubs to the platform.

Go to Admin -> Clubs -> Add Clubs


Once the club is added the club admin will get an email to register the club and the league admin will see that the club is invited as shown below.

The email to the club admin will look as below:

Club admin will have to click the register button below to complete the registration process of the club to the league.  

Once you click register then you will be taken on the screen below.  Club admin should register using the same email on which they received the email by clicking the register link as highlighted below in yellow.

After you complete the registration process using the email address as shown above then you will see the screen below.

Add the details which are asked in the form and then submit the form for approval of the club to the league admin.

Now the club admin is waiting for the league admin to approve the club. Once the club is approved by the league admin then you will get an email for the approval.

The league admin will see the status of the club from Admin -> clubs as:

League needs to review the details of the registered club and then click on the “Waiting for approval” button to approve the club.

After the club is approved by the league admin then for the league admin it will show as approved.

The club which are approved also show from the main website under http://website/clubs

After the club is approved the league admin, the club admin will get an email as shown below.

Club admin can click on the customize button of the email and then login to the club using the same email address which they had used to register the club. Now the club admin will the admin tab and can start adding players and teams.

After the club admin click the admin tab then they will see all the tabs as listed below.

First click on the members tab to add and link to existing players of the club which were loaded as part of data migration for your league. If the data migration was not performed, then you do not have to link existing players.     

First add yourself as a team member to the club, here for example we are searching for Rahul Mandewalker by his last name.  You notice that as soon as few letters of the last name are entered some players start to show in the list. Select one player from that list.

After you add yourself you will have to complete the registration process so that as a club admin you can do scoring during the game. You can also set the “Is admin” flag on your member record.

If you know the email address of the player, you can provide it otherwise you have the option to leave it blank also. After you save the player if their email address was added then they will get an email to register with the club and once they complete the registration process then only will be able to do scoring from the mobile app.

As club admin you see if they have not registered if the “Can Score” is NO as shown below.

Player will get an email as shown below and they will have click register to complete registration. Once they complete registration then the “Can Score” will change to “Yes” and the player will be able to score from the mobile app.

See below the “Can Score” changed for Priyank as he completed the player registration. 

As a club admin you can make another players club admin as well by just selecting the “is Admin flag”

Once you have added all the player the next steps it to add the teams of your clubs. Go to Admin - > Team- > Add Teams>

Enter the team abbreviation of the team as shown below and you will see you team shown you and then you select to link to the existing team which was part of Data migration. If Data migration was not done, then you can just add a new team.

Here you can select the team captain and select the players who you want to be part of this team. Once your team is finalized then you can save the team. Your team is now ready to be submitted to the league tournament.

To submit the club team to the tournament you will have to go to Admin -> Submit Team-> Submit team to tournament.  You will select the tournament to which your team is going to play if multiple tournaments are happening at the same time.  Once club admin submits the team to the tournament then the league admin approves the team.

If the club admin adds or removes any players during the tournament, they will have to submit the team again to the tournament and league admin will approve before the changes show up.

During the tournament, club admin also must submit the scorecard from Admin -> Submit Scorecard and that scorecard will be approved by League admins and then the stats on the website will be updated.