The fact that you are here, on this page, means you know what a mailing list is. But let us clarify that anyways. A mailing list, as the name suggests, is a list of member names and addresses that you can send mail to, all at once.

Your CrikIT based website allows you to create multiple such mailing lists. You can create a mailing list for your poker buddies, or bar buddies, and even one for your practice squad. These mailing lists can then be used to send out communication emails, right from the website (Check out how to send out email to a mailing list). I know, right :P! 

Not only that, CrikIT goes a step ahead and auto-creates a few mailing lists for you. CrikIT creates a mailing list for each team, as well as one with all the members, automatically. And these are live mailing lists. You add someone to the team, that person is automatically added to that mailing list. Same goes for a newly added member.

Before we start creating a mailing list, a few things to highlight:

  1. You will need admin privilege to create a mailing list (Duh!)
  2. Email will only go out to all the registered members (Check out how to become a registered member)

OK, with that out of the way, let us begin.

  1. Login to your website using your admin username and password

  2. Once logged in, go to the admin dashboard

  3. From all the different panels on the admin dashboard, go to the "Communication" panel

    • If you do not see the "Communication" panel on your admin dashboard, get in touch with us
  4. From the top left side of the page, click "Manage Email Lists"

    • On this page, you will find your auto-created mailing lists

    • However, for the purpose of this How-To let us move on to create a brand new mailing list

  5. Click the only button on top left of the page, "Create New List"

  6. Give your list a name, by typing it in the "List Name" field on the right column and keep adding members from the left column to this list by clicking their name.

    • You can narrow down the list of members on the left column by using the search field
  7. Once you have added all the needed members to your list, go ahead and click "Save" button from right column

  8. Voila! That's it

You now have your very own mailing list. The only thing left to do is to use this list to send out a few cat-memes :)

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