The payment system on CrikIT platform allows league admins to set up a portal that accepts PayPal payments. Using this system league can collect registration dues, player fees, fines, donations, and other miscellaneous dues. 

Setting up the payment system is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Let us take a look: 

  1. Go to your league website and login as league admin 

  1. Once logged in, go to the admin panel 

  1. Select "Payments" 

  1. Click "Add Payment" 

  1. As you will notice, currently CrikIT only supports PayPal as the payment type.  

    1. For the next field, enter the PayPal username/id. For example, our PayPal id is 

    2. For the next field enter the title you wish to give to your Payments Page. Let us put "Payments" for now, but you can put anything you want from "Donations" to "League Fees/Payments" etc. 

    3. Finally, select if you want the Payment page to be active. Checking the status button enables the page. 

  1. Now we are ready to enter what exactly we need to charge for. Go ahead and click the "ADD NEW ITEM" button. 

    1. For "Item Name", enter what  the payment is for. We will put "Player Registration" in this example and put the price at 100.  

    2. You can always "ADD NEW ITEM" to make a list of items that you need to charge for. In this example I will add two more items "Uniform" and "Equipment".  

    3. You may or may not need multiple items depending on your need, so feel free to do what serves your use case. 

    4. Once satisfied with your entries, go ahead and click submit. 

  1. A few important things just happened. A page was automatically created for the league to accept the payment based on the details you entered on the previous page. 

    1. The "Payment" admin panel now shows the entry you created with two options. 

    2. "Delete" will, well of course, delete the created entry. 

    3. "Edit" will, no points for guessing, allow you to edit the entry you created. 

    4. However the URLForPayment is the most important part of information on this page. 

    5. Copy that and append it to your league's website. For example if you league website is, paste the URLForPayment right after that to read<paymentid> 

    6. For our example, the URL for the payment's page would be: 

    7. Note that in the link above, is our league website address and what follows is from the payment admin panel. 

  1. This is how the newly created payments page would look like: 

    1. Notice it has all the fields we created, along with its price 

    2. It allows users to update the quantity to whatever they like 

    3. This capability to update the quantity is what makes this system even more flexible.  

    4. In this example, players can order multiple uniforms or none. Same for equipment and registration fees.  

    5. Each league has its own rules around such things, and the league admin should make sure that is communicated to all the folks accordingly regarding the minimum required payment.  

  1. Clicking the PayPal button will take them to PayPal login screen for users to pay the exact amount using their own account.  

  1. However, there is so much more you can do with this. Now that you know what the URL for the payment page is, you can advertise it on your website using one of the following options: 

    1. Create a photo ad (Using the "Ads" admin panel) OR 

    2. Create a featured news item (Using the "News" admin panel) OR 

    3. Create a full page with more details regarding this payment (Using the "Pages" admin panel)  

As you can see, it just took us few minutes for your league to start accepting payments and/or donations from your users, members, teams, and/or visitors. Just one of the perks of using CrikIT. 

Carry on.